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Can you save all of the survivors in time? Fly to each stranded survivor and drop off a care package to let them re fuel and get out of the desert! Avoid turret fire and manage your fuel count to keep yourself alive in this short flying action game.


WindowsNoEditor.rar 473 MB


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I really poured my heart and soul into making this, it's my first ever game jam and it took me from announcement time until literally only an hour before the deadline to get this game done. It was made in Unreal Engine 4, I was the only person making it. All programming, game design, and song creation was done by myself with the help of countless tutorials. Art assets were all open source free assets. It really took my all to make this small game, especially when 8 hours in my project file got corrupted and I had to start from scratch (which taught me to never just save your project, back it up somewhere!).

I had an incredible time participating in this game jam, thank you so much for the opportunity and I hope to participate in another one soon!